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Cirkulární mapovací katetry (PV)

Katetry Reflexion Spiral™ s variabilním průměrem

  • 180° bi-directional shaft
  • ComfortGrip handle
  • Perpendicular Alignment

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Katetry Inquiry™ AFocus™ II EB

  • Steerable extended braid shaft with 4 F fixed loop
  • Offset shaft-to-loop axis
  • 50 mm turning radius
  • Uni-directional 180-degree deflection
  • Push/pull handle
  • 1 mm band electrodes
  • 2 mm tip electrode

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Katetry Inquiry™ Optima™

  • A multi-directional shaft and variable loop diameter
  • Allows optimal electrode positioning for circumferential mapping of various anatomical structures
  • Extended braiding increases torque and stability

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Katetry Inquiry™ Optima™ PLUS

  • 7 F diagnostic mapping catheter
  • 4 F or 5 F steerable loop and four additional electrodes on the distal shaft
  • Allows visualization when used in conjunction with the Ensite® System
  • Deflectable distal tip to a true 180°

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Katetry Livewire Spiral HP™

  • 20 bipolar-spaced electrodes along a circular tip
  • Provides high resolution mapping
  • More accurate pinpointing potential than 10-pole catheter systems
  • Efficiency in the catheter-based management of arrhythmias

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