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Řiditelné diagnostické katetry

Katetry Livewire™

  • Uniquely designed with an ergonomic handle and patented steering mechanism
  • Provides smooth, precise catheter tip movement, even during lengthy electrophysiology procedures
  • Available in a variety of lengths and tip deflection styles

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Katetry Inquiry™ 4 F & 5 F

  • 4 F or 5 F steerable diagnostic mapping catheters in quadripolar, octapolar and decapolar formats
  • Softer catheter tip available for positioning in more sensitive anatomical structures
  • Various curve configurations, including S, M, L, XL, Extended Reach and Far Reach

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Katetry Inquiry™ H-Curve

  • Steerable 7 F diagnostic catheter in multiple curve diameters
  • 45° offset angle facilitates stable catheter placement along the TVA
  • Hexapolar to 24-pole electrode models
  • Unipolar or bipolar electrode spacing
  • Active and inactive tip electrodes

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Katetry Inquiry™ Luma-Cath™

  • 6 F and 7 F steerable diagnostic catheters with multiple curves designed for accessibility
  • Bipolar, quadripolar, octapolar, and decapolar designs with variable spacing and lengths
  • Guidewire access via central lumen
  • Tip ring electrode identifies distal catheter location on steerable models
  • M, L and XL configurations

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Katery Inquiry™ Ten Ten

  • Easily maps large areas of the right atrium
  • Able to seat in the coronary sinus to provide continuous electrograms

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