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Transseptální přístup

Stabilizační zavaděče Swartz™

  • Stabilizační zavaděče Swartz™Stability of braided shaft construction
  • An ultra-soft atraumatic tip
  • Multiple curve options

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Systém ACross™

  • Making transseptal procedures easier with intuitive orientation
  • Improved consistency through an interlocking system
  • Controlled needle deployment

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Řiditelný zavaděč Agilis NxT™

  • 836Low profile, sophisticated steerable introducer that provides agility and stability
  • Available in small curl, medium curl and large curl
  • Dual-Reach™ bi-directional deflection

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Transseptální jehly BRK™

  • Transseptální jehly BRK™Available in adult and small anatomy sizes
  • Bevel angle 50 degrees
  • Pointer on the needle shield shows the direction of the needle curve

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