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The MediGuide System is a visualization and navigation system that can display the position and orientation of MediGuide Enabled™ devices (equipped with a MediGuide sensor) on both live and prerecorded fluoroscopy in real time.

The technology is analogous to a global positioning system (GPS) in that it uses a low-powered electromagnetic field to locate sensors in three-dimensional space. The system then uses this location information to overlay the MediGuide

Enabled devices on the corresponding fluoroscopy image.

Product Highlights

  • Provides a platform technology that can be used for multiple applications including simple to complex electrophysiology procedures and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy implants
  • Functions as a stand-alone system or integrated with the EnSite™ Velocity™ System
  • Adjusts automatically for changes in heart rate, respiratory motion and patient movement to minimize workflow delays
  • Enables display of two simultaneous cine loops to enable visualization of tools in two projections - similar to bi-plane X-ray

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