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EnSite Velocity mapovací systém


Mapovací systém EnSite VELOCITY™

The EnSite Velocity™ Cardiac Mapping System is a non-fluoroscopic mapping and catheter navigation system. The Systém creates three dimensional (3D) models that are based on the anatomy of the patient’s own cardiac chamber. Cardiac electrical activity can be displayed as waveform traces or as dynamic activation or voltage maps which are superimposed on the 3D models. The navigation system displays the real time position of conventional electrophysiology catheters in relation to the 3D model. The EnSite Velocity System has been designed for ease-of-use and to enhance procedural lab efficiencies. Various software expansion modules and warranties are available.

Product Highlights

  • Facilitates procedures in all chambers of the heart.
  • Features an open platform that is compatible with almost any EP catheter and most EP lab equipment.
  • Provides real-time visualization and navigation of up to 128 electrodes on virtually any combination of catheters.
  • The OneModel™ Tool enables users to create a precise model of patient cardiac anatomy in less time than previously possible.
  • OneMap™ Tool, in conjunction with the One Model Tool, allows for the simultaneous creation of the desired cardiac model and electrical map in the fewest cardiac cycles.
  • Supports both contact and non-contact mapping procedures.
  • Detailed model creation and a full suite of mapping tools help facilitace all popular treatment strategies.

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Mapovací systém EnSite VELOCITY™

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