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Fixně zakřivené diagnostické katetry

Katetry Supreme™ and Response™

  • Fixed-curve catheters available for electrophysiology procedures
  • Responsive torque with a soft, atraumatic tip
  • Available in multiple curves and French snes

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Katetry Inquiry™ 4 F & 5 F

  • 4 F or 5 F fixed curve diagnostic mapping catheters in quadripolar and octapolar models
  • Unique design ideal for anatomic variabilities
  • Softer catheter tip available for positioning in more sensitive anatomical structures
  • Various curve configurations, including C, J, J1, C (HIS) and D

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Katetry Inquiry™ Luma-Cath™

  • 6 F diagnostic fixed curve catheters
  • Decapolar models with variable spacing
  • Guidewire access via central lumen
  • Special curve configuration

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